During your vacation in the VerdonThe Musée de la Préhistoire de Quinson, located in the heart of the Durance valley in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, is a fascinating journey through time. Created by the renowned prehistorian Jean Clottes and opened to the public in 2001, this museum is a treasure trove ofhuman history, offering an in-depth insight into Europe’s prehistoric societies.

This architectural masterpiece, designed by Norman Foster, houses huge exhibition spaces featuring meticulously crafted reconstructions of scenes from prehistoric life. Visitors can discover the life of the first hunter-gatherers, observe primitive tools and rock art, and enjoy the interactivity of the exhibition.

The Musée de Quinson is also an active research center, where archaeologists and anthropologists continue to study and uncover the mysteries of our past. Throughout the year, the museum organizes educational workshops and special events to stimulate public interest in prehistory.

The Musée de la Préhistoire de Quinson is not only a place of learning, it’s also an immersive experience that connects today’s humanity to its most ancient origins. Each step through its galleries is a step back in time, an exploration of our collective history and a tribute to the ingenuity and perseverance of our ancestors.

During your vacation at our campsite in Gréoux-les-Bainsbe sure to visit the Quinson Prehistory Museum.